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Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge (Winter months only)

Wacko will meet your party and shuttle you to the launch ramp located at the Wildlife Refuge Center in Parker, Arizona 15 miles South of Lake Havasu, or we can meet you there. You paddle about 2 miles past the Bill Williams Bridge between the reeds, down to the Willow and Cottonwood trees. This trip is calm, serene, peaceful, and beautiful. There are 288 species of birds living here! Just below the refuge headquarters lies a cove where Razorbacks and Ony Tailed Chubs are raised. You may encounter Javalina, deer, beavers, and even bobcats. When the river comes to an end, sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of the true outdoors, Now just turn around and enjoy everything again on the way out. The trip takes 3 to 4 hours. Take your time and enjoy yourselves, we'll pick you up when you are finished.

Booking starts at 5 A.M Sunday through Saturday.

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Views of a Lifetime

Witness raw beauty and mother nature in her natural habitat. From wildlife to native plant species! This tour offers scenic views, book a Crystal Clear Kayak to add to the experience and view everything from the comfort of your kayak!

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